Relentless Pursuit
of the Extraordinary

We are a collection of artists and craftspeople driven by the uncompromising desire to create perfection.

We Are Vanderloc

Founded by renowned designer Arto Diamond, Vanderloc designs and manufactures luxury bath vanities. Rather than aiming to meet industry standards, we continuously strive to exceed Arto's unparalleled expectations.

Our Team

Arto Diamond

Product Management

Sabrina Tattersfield

Product Design

Andrew Zidrashko


Unmatched Quality

The creation of Vanderloc products is an arduous process that involves long hours of drafting, prototyping, testing, and oftentimes, failing. Despite the challenges, there are invaluable lessons to be learned from these failures, provided that we pay attention. To produce something truly remarkable, one must embark on the path of raw genius, the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, and refuse to compromise on quality.

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